Why Do I Snore & How Can I Stop Snoring?


  • affects more than one in three Canadian couples

  • is the leading cause of spouses sleeping in separate rooms

  • affects travel with others

  • becomes more severe with age

Snoring is very common and often thought of as normal. However, that familiar rattling sound that you or your loved one makes during sleep is because there is something interfering with breathing.

Snoring can be a sign of a serious health problem called sleep apnea, when airway narrowing progresses to closing during sleep and breathing STOPS for seconds/minutes.

Snoring treatment options will be discussed at your first appointment and can include: 

  • weight loss

  • lying on your side

  • oral appliances (sometimes called mouthpieces or snore guards)

  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask)

  • surgery

Healthy Sleep

A healthy sleep is easy and uninterrupted by snoring or rattling sounds. It looks like this: a clear, unobstructed airway.


Once people fall asleep, their body relaxes and their tongue and surrounding throat tissues all relax too. This often narrows the airway and when the same amount of air breathed in tries to squeeze through a now smaller opening, it causes vibration.

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